Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Happy Pregnancy!!

No other event causes as much distress as pregnancy. If you trust your instinct, it will give you what you need during this entire roller-coaster ride. Here are a few tips for a healthy & happy pregnancy.

It is wise to take folic acid supplements before trying to get pregnant. The chances of getting pregnant is high during the ovulation period and there are many webpages present to calculate this precisely. Ovulation test kits are also available in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Do a Home pregnancy test, before making an appointment to see your doctor or midwife. You will be amazed to realise what a difference a day makes. Horrible pregnancy symptoms during their first trimester may be disappointing for some women. But remember, "You are not a patient; you are just a normal woman who is pregnant". Well... this is what I was told, when I was carrying my little one. But, trust me - these words do revive you. So, don't spend too much time in worrying about silly things. Enjoy each and every moment... It may be strange, but special.

Stop taking any medicines you might already be taking. Always consult a pharmacist before buying anything.

Register yourself on various pregnancy related websites (usually free) such as pampers, bounty, babycentre, askbaby, babiesonline, ivillage, etc,... and participate on forums. Nothing is left undiscussed and your weekly pregnancy updates falls straight into your inbox... Not to mention the freebies.

Aviod smoking and alcohol: Try non-alcoholic alternatives or avail support from your local helpline (Kindly look at my External links section for helpline webpages).

Anxiety is the permanent companion when it comes to labour. Understanding what is causing would fade away some fear. So, don't fail to view some gentle delivery related documentary and home videos. It is worth watching and you will surely know when to pause.

Finally, don't allow your feelings let you down. Find someone to share and no doubt it would be the wonderful feeling of your life.

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