Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Is ideal life a question mark?

Things have become so easy these days. Luxury can be crawled on our hands in a jiffy. A normal employed person:
- Can avail Home Loan, own a house and pay his mortgage early
- Can buy a new car, bear the cost of Car Insurance (no matter if it is a Cheap auto Insurance or not)
- Can allocate some money for his family's Health Insurance/Life Insurance/Travel Insurance or whatever
- Can make use of some sophisticated services like Medical Claim, Accident Compensation, Personal Injury & so on
- Can take advantage of Student Loan for daughter's Surgean dream
& the list goes on & on...

But, is this really going to make any connection with our life. By being friendly & smiling, we'll have helped ourself to feel good inside & be in a bright frame of mind. Curiosity crackles when we think whether this would be probable.

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  1. Everything seems ideal... but how long. Though employed person getting all the conveniences, looks happy from others' perspective... Otherwise, the he only knows what problems he has!!!!


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