Friday, 27 November 2009

Children's Play Group: horror for the parents

Play groups can be an fun for the kids. But horror for the parents & carers. Getting up early (during the winter as well) in the morning, getting the little ones washed, changed, breakfast with a spoon fight, goes on & on & on... Just in time to the play group after all the early morning traffic hurdles, without having their own breakfast... Grab a floral plastic cup for a cold milk in queue with the other parents... The milk is ready, but where is my pound? yeah, I found it... Then, park my pram on an easily accessible corner, hide the belongings with my huge winter jacket. Only then realised the cheeky monkey is half asleep (gentle pram cuddle ofcourse). Hey you.. not now.. get down and play (I paid). When he started exploring, I parked myself on a warm corner seat. By the time I started sipping, they all fight for the same toy...

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  1. What about during summer... Still it is horrible? Or is it because of timings of play schools?????


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